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product name: ASCO solenoid valve
Product number: SCG256A002VMS
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product description
Description of American ASCO Solenoid Valve: American ASCO Solenoid Valve ASCO solenoid valve and air control valve series products are second to none in the world. After one century, ASCO has become the first choice of fluid control application system. The company produces more than 3,000 standard solenoid valves and more than 20,000 non-standard models. According to the most stringent production regulations, the products are widely used in industry and commerce. Mainly include: control air, water, light oil, inert gas, fuel oil, gasoline, steam, vacuum, ultra-low temperature, high frequency operation, liquefied gas, dust removal, vending machine, corrosive media, etc.
In order to control a variety of liquid or gaseous fluids and meet the needs of various applications, ASCO-JOUCOMATIC has replaced a wide range of options in solenoid and mechanical valves, where the fluid can be flammable, explosive or corrosive. The pressure can reach 150 bar and the temperature can be from -50 to 300. The caliber is mainly from 1/8 inch to 6 inch, and the operation forms are normally closed, normally open and general-purpose 2, 3, 4, and 5 port solenoid valves.
Product selection: 2 / 2-way universal valve 8210 series 8262/8263 series 238 series 551 series special solenoid valve three-way pipe mounted three-way pipe mounted 316SS three-way pipe mounted brass five-way pipe mounted five-way pipe mounted 316SS five-way pipe Brass Five-way Mounting Five-way Mounting 316SS Five-way Mounting Brass Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof Solenoid Valve 2 Position 2 Port Valve 2 Position 3 Port Valve 2 Position 4 Port Valve Low Power Solenoid Valve 2 Position 2 Port Valve 2 Position 3 2-position 4-way valve manual reset solenoid valve 8015/8025 series 8037/8308/8310 series 8327 series 8047/8408/8410 series Specific models Common models: NF8327B112 DC24V 28400025 EF8210G30 XE290A393
8040H8 120VAC SCG551A017MS 220V 8340G001 220 VAC SCG 353A 047
EF8551G409MO DC24V EF8320G186 24VDC EF8210G4 8210G009 instead of model SCXE238A009TPL: 04672 J263G205LT EF8262G230 DC24V 55102025 instead of model SCG551A005MS Maintenance kit: C302272 3002104D1 8215B050 12100134 52100008
SCB320A202 82692G020V SCFBXD266D085V SCG353A047 SCXE238A002 VF5210-4DB-03 SCE238A 002 SCXE 238A002 8320G172 HBX8263G210TPL: 04672 10700207 8342G001 SCXE238A005 SCXE8551A018MS EF8342GMS 43002EFG83A018
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