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product name: Germany globe valve
Product number: GAV54F
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product description
German Gestra brand overview:
Founded in 1902 and based in Bremen, Germany, GESTRA is a member of the Flowserve Group. Since its creation, GESTRA has saved steam and energy, flexible system solutions, perfect service, quality and innovation.
GESTRA's business scope is the design and manufacture of steam traps, valves, special valves for road and rail tank trucks, process control equipment, boiler control systems, heat recovery equipment and containers, design and manufacture of regulating valves for industrial processes, and field services.
GESTRA's main sales markets are petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, cement, water treatment, shipbuilding, HVAC and other industries. There are many major world-renowned users, such as: BASF Dyestuffs, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Esso Petroleum, Shell Oil, British Electric Power, DuPont Chemicals, Ciba Geiger, ABB Motors, Nestle Coffee, Skoda Motors, Siemens Motors, Fluor Danny Engineering, BMW Motors, Bosch Tools, Linde Engineering, Rolls Boiler, Volkswagen, Peruvian Petroleum, Taiwan Plastics, etc.
GESTRA's quality assurance system complies with ISO9001 and has been confirmed by Lloyd's Ship Quality Insurance Company. The quality of GESTRA's valves and containers are applied for the internationally recognized type approval letter on schedule.

The main products of German Gestra are:
Gestra control valve, Gestra trap, Gestra check valve, Gestra check valve, Gestra regulating valve, Gestra safety valve, Gestra filter, Gestra globe valve, Gestra trap, Gestra blowdown valve.

German Gestra Product Features:
GESTRA safety valve GSV

Exhaust water vapor, neutral gases, vapors and liquids.

Safety valves protect the steam system and large vessels from excess pressure. They are often on the last link of the safety chain, and they must remain operational under all conditions.
The safety valve discharges excess pressure of water vapor, neutral gases, vapors and liquids. Under normal operating conditions as soon as possible, they shut down without releasing any more media.

Drive type:
Brake control pressure:
Minimum: 16 bar (232.06 psi)
Up to: 40 bar (580.15 psi)
Nominal diameter:
Minimum: 15 mm
Up to: 300 mm
Minimum: 2.9 m3 / h (102.41 ft3 / h)
Up to: 2000 m3 / h (70629.33 ft3 / h),
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