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product name: American Sentry Sampling Cooler
Product number: ISOLOK SAL-A
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product description

ISOLOK SAL-A sampling cooler, SentryISOLOK SAL-A sampling cooler, American ISOLOK SAL-A sampling cooler, American SentryISOLOK SAL-A sampling cooler

High temperature resistance, high pressure, all stainless steel, other materials can also be used

product manual:

自动采样器可以在持续承压的工艺过程中采出精确定量的样品,每一次抽取一个定量的样品。 The American Sentry automatic sampler can take out accurate quantitative samples in the process of continuous pressure, and take a quantitative sample every time. Unique design combines ISOVALVE ball valve to 2-position body. When the operator needs to maintain and overhaul the sampler, the operator can turn off ISVOALVE and remove the sampler without interrupting the process.

采样器标准材质为316不锈钢,ISOVALVE隔离阀则采用较硬的7-4PH材质,其他合金材质或硫化钢也可按工艺情况而选配。 The standard material of the American Sentry sampler is 316 stainless steel, and the ISOVALVE isolation valve uses a harder 7-4PH material. Other alloy materials or sulfide steel can also be selected according to the process.

The optional cylinder stop position enables the spool, and the piston can be flushed from the sampler's tail connector. This feature prevents any solid material from clogging the top of the piston, making the operating cycle shorter.

The ISOVALVE automatic sampler can also operate effectively in harsh environments, and can continuously sample oil sand slurry and stone crushing lines. There is a separate sealing cover to protect the sampler after it is removed. The interface on the sampler also allows the operator to perform a pressure check before disassembly. SAL-A samplers generally use screw bolts on the mounting surface of the process. SENTRY can also provide flange connections. Other control units and accessories are optional.


2 standard models with 3 liters or 8 ml samples taken each time

Online sampling pressure from vacuum to 14 kg

ISOVALVE enables the sampler to be disassembled without stopping the process.

American Sentry Sampling Cooler

Product Range:

American Sentry sampling cooler, Sentry sample adjustment module, Sentry sampling system, Sentry sample switching valve, Sentry cation conductivity reboiler, Sentry high temperature protection valve, Sentry sampler, Sentry mud sampler, Sentry special heat exchanger.

American Sentry Sampling Cooler

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