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product name: Mankenberg self-operated relief valve
Product number: UV 1.2
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product description
The self-operating relief valve is a simple basic regulating valve that is precisely adjusted under conditions of easy installation and maintenance. They do not require pneumatic or electronically controlled components to regulate the pressure behind the valve.
The relief valve UV 1.2 is a spring-loaded, seat-controlled, proportional control valve with unloaded diaphragm, piston or bellows for simple adjustment tasks at medium flow rates. The valve cone adopts soft seal or metal seal.

In the control section, the valve pressure to be adjusted and the valve spring force (set value) are in balance. When the pressure before the valve exceeds the set value at the adjusting bolt, the valve opens. When the pressure in front of the valve decreases, the shutoff surface shrinks, and the valve is closed on the non-pressure pipe. Turn the adjustment bolt clockwise to increase the pressure in front of the valve.

This valve is not a globe valve that can guarantee complete sealing. They have a leakage class III or V according to DIN EN 60534-4 and / or ANSI FCI 70-2 according to the shutdown setting.
Leakage class III (valve cone metal seal): 0,1% Kvs-value Leakage class V (valve cone soft seal): 1,8 x 10-5 x Δp x D * [l / h]
* D = seat diameter,
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