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product name: Mankenberg Mankenberg Float Control Trap
Product number: KA Niagara
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product description

KA Niagara

With manual hot exhaust or rigid continuous exhaust | For steam | Valve body GGG-40 cast iron, GS-C 25 cast steel, stainless steel internal components | integral, mature, sturdy, for extreme temperatures | maintenance intervals Long, extremely long life, reliable / known for efficiency

Condensate traps automatically drain condensate without steam or gas loss. They operate without delay and are unaffected by back pressure or pressure fluctuations. No additional auxiliary energy is required.

KA Niagara is a float-controlled condensate trap with maximum flow and versatility. The valve body, bonnet and bonnet are cast, and the valve cone is metal sealed. KA NIAGARA Model 1 is equipped with manual exhaust as standard, and the drain chamber with large-bore valve is equipped with a drain plug.

The cross section of the pipe behind the drain valve must match the amount of condensate generated and the length of the pipe.

The standard configuration
? Model 1: manual air valve
? Model 80: thermally activated exhaust and rigid continuous exhaust nozzle
? Model 81: Rigid continuous exhaust nozzle
? Model 83: Thermal start and continuous exhaust
? Type 88: programmable continuous exhaust
? Larger than nominal diameter DN 65, dirt collection chamber with drain plug
? Manual exhaust
? Pollution chamber with drain plug to nominal diameter DN 65
(Nominal diameter DN 65 or higher is standard)
? Different sealing materials for different media
? Special design up to 400 C
? Design for special applications under extreme working conditions

Please quote working pressure range when inquiring or ordering.

Be sure to value the instructions, expertise, and safety tips. All pressure data is gauge pressure. Subject to technical changes.

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