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product name: Mankenberg Germany Condensate trap
Product number: KA 2X
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product description

Condensate trap / float-controlled condensate trap float-controlled condensate trap KA 2X

High-flow universal device KA 2X
Metal seal, manual exhaust for steam | Can be used for steam, compressed air, aerosol | Full stainless steel (316L) deep drawing-surface finish of the valve body Ra ≤ 1.6 μm | Clamp system for easy maintenance | Extremely lightweight, corrosion-resistant Media | Easy installation and long life
DN25 x 3 / 4AG1 x 3 / 4A
PN16p0-13 bar
Q1200 l / hT190 C

Condensate traps automatically drain condensate without steam or gas loss. They operate without delay and are unaffected by back pressure or pressure fluctuations. No additional auxiliary energy is required.

KA 2X is a float-controlled condensate trap with a wide range of applications, especially for corrosive condensate or the food industry. It is made entirely of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The valve cone is metal sealed.

The upper and lower parts of the valve body are connected by clamps and two bolts, which is fast to maintain and requires no special tools.

Uncomplicated technology makes planning, installation, operation, and maintenance easier in everyday industrial applications.

The standard configuration
? Stainless steel overall
? Valve body quick clamp connection
? Manual air valve
? Different sealing materials for different media
? The balance pipe connection on the upper part of the valve body is used for compressed air and gas drainage
? No manual air valve
? Please contact us for special designs

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