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product name: TLV Free Float Trap
Product number: J3X / JF3X
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product description

Japan TLVJ3X steam trap

Free-floating steam trap with built-in X-element to automatically vent air, suitable for process equipment. The most compact free-floating steam trap for process equipment. The condensate displacement is between 50 kg and 500 kg per hour.

TLV Trap, J3X JF3X, AF3N TLV Free Float Trap
J3X JF3X J5X JF5X JS7X J7X J7.2X J7.5X J8X Free Float Steam Trap (JX Series)
JH3LX JH5RX JH7RX JHW7.2X JH7.2X JHW7.5RX JH7.5RX JHW8RX Free Float Steam Trap (JHX Series)
JH3LB JH5R JH5RH JH7RL JHW7.2 JH7.2 JHW7.5R JH7.5R JH8R JHW8R Free Float Steam Trap (JH Series)
JL9X JLH9X Float Ball Steam Trap for Large Process (JL Series)
J10 JH15 Float Power Steam Trap
SS5VH, SS5P, SS5V, SS5NH, SS3V, SS5N, SS1VH, SS3N, SS1VL, SS1NH, SS1NL free floating ball steam trap (SS series)
FS5, FS3 Free Float Steam Trap (Quick Valve)
SH7NL, SH7NH, SH6NH, SH6NL, SH5VL, SH5NH, SH5NL Free Float Steam Trap (SH Series)
TLV disc type trap
A3N AF3N A46S A46SW A65S P21S P46SRN P46SS HR80A HR150A FP32
HR260A Disc Thermodynamic Steam Trap
TLV Thermostatic Trap
L21S L32S LV6CE LV6P LV6SF LV13L LV13N LV21 FL21 FL32 Thermostatic steam trap
TLV Temperature Controlled Trap
LEX3N LEXW3N-TZ LEXF3N-TZLEX8-TZ Temperature Controlled Steam Trap
JA3D JAF3 JA3 JA5 JAF5 JA7 Air & Gas Trap Free Float Air Trap
TATSU2 air trap
SS1VG JAH5RG JAH7RG Free Float Drain Valve
DC3S DC3A Steam-Water Separator
DC7 Swirl Steam-Water Separator
BE3L bellows sealed valve BV1 ball valve LR3 automatic antifreeze valve LR5 check valve CK3M CK3T CK3R CK3MG CKF3M CKF3R CKF3MG
Japan TLV Company is a professional steam equipment manufacturer in the world, which was established in 1950. In the past 50 years, it has 101 distributors in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Australia and other countries and regions. The Japanese economy developed rapidly in the late 1940s. Due to the lack of energy in Japan and the government's efforts to save energy, TLV (Trouble Less Valve) was established. Since its establishment, it has obtained 1179 international patents, and more than 90% of its products are international patented products, and has passed the double certification of ISO14001 and ISO9001 international environmental protection system and international quality system. From its inception to today, TLV is still the best choice for steam.

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