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product name: SS3N stainless steel steam trap
Product number: SS3N
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product description

Japan TLV valve agent—SS3N free float steam trap, tvlSS3N free float steam trap, SS3N steam trap, SS3N free float steam trap
SS3N stainless steel trap features:
Maintenance-free stainless steel steam traps for steam mains and heating lines.
1. Overall welding and maintenance-free structure.
2. With bimetal air exhaust device to ensure fast startup.
3. The self-adjusting free float ball trap can provide continuous, smooth and low-speed condensate drainage even under load changes.
4. Continuous water seal and three-point support seal design can ensure perfect seal even under no-load conditions.
5. There is only one moving part-floating ball, to avoid concentrated wear of the valve and prolong the service life.
6. Built-in filter with large circulation area to ensure trouble-free operation.
7. Optional ceramic fiber insulation cover or stainless steel jacket to minimize radiant heat loss.
Japan TLV stainless steel float ball trap—SS3N picture:

Japan TLV valve-SS3N stainless steel trap specifications:

model SS3N SS3V
Installation method Level vertical
Connection method Thread, socket welding, flange
Caliber (mm) 15,20,25
Valve 5, 10, 16, 21
Working pressure (MPaG)   PMO 0.5, 1.0, 1.6, 2.1
Pressure difference   △ PMX      0.5, 1.0, 1.6, 2.1
Minimum working pressure (MPaG) 0.01
Working temperature (℃)   TMO 350
Design conditions of pressure housing (non-working conditions): Maximum allowable pressure (MPaG) PMA: 2.1 Maximum allowable temperature (℃) TMA: 350

Dimensions of Japan TLV trap—SS3N stainless steel steam trap :

Dimensions of SS3N stainless steel steam trap

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