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company culture

Employees are the foundation of the business:
Dedicated employees, innovative employees are the foundation of the company.
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Customer first:
Customers are our parents. Develop newer and better products and persistently pursue customer satisfaction.
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Scientific and technological innovation:
To create a tolerant environment, inspire employees to think creatively about records, and in the fields of technology, marketing, service, management, etc., constantly adopt newer and better methods to achieve goals.
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Team spirit:
The entire company and partners form a team to work for a clear overall goal.
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Trust and respect:
I believe that employees want to do a good job. The company strives to provide them with an excellent working environment and respects the talents and contributions of everyone.
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To be realistic with a spirit of truth. Only by doing things can the company and its products get sustainable and long-term development.
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Flexible and efficient:
Under the premise of clear goals, give individuals the greatest authority and establish a flat organizational structure in order to achieve efficient work.

Safe Production
Create a safe, environmentally friendly, harmonious working environment, provide reliable industrial valve products, and become a company that is highly responsible to customers, shareholders, employees, parties, and society and creates value.
Development concept
Transcend yourself and never be satisfied
Company vision
Dedicated to the research of valves under severe operating conditions and providing integrated solutions;
Leading high-end industrial valve technology and building a world-class brand.
company spirit
Openness: Learn from others, courage to try and harmonize: Cooperation, collaboration, shared responsibility, excellence: pursuit of excellence, and common transcendence of innovation: development of science and technology, innovation mechanism. Level: Contract management, benefit-sharing companies and employees: interactive win-win, common growth companies and partners: mutual benefit and reciprocity, hand in hand business and society: abide by business standards, bear responsibility employees competency standards stimulate potential: proactive, challenge pressure effective communication: change Thinking, respecting each other, excellent execution: taking responsibility, pursuing effective innovation, solving problems: actively thinking, solving problems, employee behavior code Apply

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contact us
Company Name: Keer Import Valve Trading Co., Ltd. Company Address: Yangwang Industrial Zone, Jinhai Road, Fengxian District Contact: Sales Department Mobile Number: 13120559789
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Email: 123920799@qq.com
Company website: lyszyyp.com
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