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Non-return valve, safety valve, trap valve implement protective pipeline

1. Check valve protection facilities In order to prevent the check valve from leaking or the medium from flowing backward after failure, one or two shut-off valves should be set before and after the check valve. If two shut-off valves are provided, the check valve can be easily removed for maintenance.
2. Safety valve protection facilities Generally, there are no blocking valves at the front and back of the safety valve. Only in some cases, the blocking valves are at the front and back of the safety valve. If the medium contains solid impurities that affect the safety valve cannot be closed tightly after taking off, install a gate valve with a lead seal in front of the safety valve. In the fully open position, a check valve with a diameter of DN20 should be installed between the gate valve and the safety valve.

For safety valves used in corrosive media, consider adding a corrosion-resistant explosion-proof film at the valve inlet depending on the corrosion resistance of the valve.
When the medium such as wax and phenol released by the safety valve is solid at normal temperature, or when the temperature of the medium such as light liquid hydrocarbon is reduced to 0 C under reduced pressure, the safety valve needs to be heated with steam.
The gas safety valve is generally provided with a bypass valve according to its diameter for manual venting.

3. Protective facilities for steam traps Steam traps can be divided into bypass and non-bypass; there is a distinction between condensate recovery and non-recovery. Steam traps with large displacements and other special requirements can be installed in parallel.

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Valve Information
Valve Information

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