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Type of pneumatic diaphragm single seat control valve

调节阀经过多年的发展,已经有了非常好的基础和底蕴。 After many years of development, China's pneumatic film single-seat control valve has a very good foundation and background. 调节阀的发展也得到了更多支持。 As the use of such products has been affirmed and appreciated by more and more users, the development of pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valves has also received more support. To speed up the further improvement of pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valves, the most important of which is the further expansion of the types of pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valves.
So what are the types of pneumatic single-seat control valves in China? Based on what kind of pneumatic diaphragm single seat control valve is classified?  
Pneumatic film single seat regulating valve:
1. According to purpose and function (1) two-position valve; (2) regulating valve; (3) diverter valve; (4) shut-off valve;  
2. Classified according to the working temperature of the medium (1) high temperature valve; (2) medium temperature valve; (3) room temperature valve; (4) low temperature valve;  
真空阀;(2)低压阀;(3)中压阀;(4)高压阀;(5)超高压阀; 3. Classified by pressure (1) vacuum valve ; (2) low pressure valve; (3) medium pressure valve; (4) high pressure valve; (5) ultra high pressure valve;  
4. Commonly used classification method This classification method is divided according to principle, function and structure. It is currently the most commonly used classification method at home and abroad. 隔膜阀;(7)蝶阀;(8)球阀;(9)偏心旋转阀; Generally divided into nine categories: (1) single-seat regulating valve; (2) double-seat regulating valve; (3) sleeve regulating valve; (4) angle regulating valve; (5) three-way regulating valve; (6) Diaphragm valve ; (7) butterfly valve ; (8) ball valve ; (9) eccentric rotary valve;  
球阀;(20)烧碱专用阀; 5. Special applications (1) soft-sealed shut-off valve; (2) hard-sealed shut-off valve; (3) wear-resistant regulating valve; (4) corrosion-resistant regulating valve; (5) all-tetrafluoro-corrosion regulating valve (6) full Corrosion-resistant alloy regulating valve; (7) emergency action cut-off or vent valve; (8) anti-blocking regulating valve; (9) corrosion-resistant anti-blocking shut-off valve; (10) insulation jacket valve; (11) large pressure drop shut-off valve (12) small flow regulating valve; (13) large diameter regulating valve; (14) large adjustable ratio regulating valve; (15) low S energy saving regulating valve; (16) low noise valve; (17) fine small regulating valve (18) Lining (rubber, tetrafluoro, ceramic) regulating valve; (19) Special ball valve for water treatment ; (20) Special valve for caustic soda;
Through the analysis of the classification of the above-mentioned five-point pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valves, we can understand the classification of pneumatic diaphragm single-seat control valves intuitively. China is a large developing country, and various industries are developing healthily and rapidly. 阀门的需求也不断膨胀,如何进一步扩大气动薄膜单座调节阀的市场竞争力,加快对气动薄膜单座调节阀种类研究十分必要。 The demand for valves in many industries is also expanding. How to further expand the market competitiveness of pneumatic film single-seat control valves and accelerate the research on the types of pneumatic film single-seat control valves are necessary.

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