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Several reasons why traps can leak air

The role of the trap is to drain the condensate from the steam system; at the same time, it automatically prevents the leakage of steam. There are many types of traps, each with different performance. When selecting a steam trap, first select the characteristics that can meet the operation of the steam heating equipment, and then consider the objective conditions, so that the trap you need is correct and effective.

The reasons why traps do not need to be connected in series are as follows:

1. The back pressure of the trap is generally 70% to 80%. You can calculate the pressure after you connect it in series. Can it perform normal hydrophobic functions?

2. At present, I have not seen the use of steam traps in series, either in actual production or in design specifications;

3. The trap can be designed with large water delivery capacity.

Traps do not need to be applied in series, we pay attention to operating according to requirements.

There are three main reasons why traps can run out of gas:

1. The packing of the trap is leaking. As the steam pressure rises, the air leakage becomes more and more serious;

2. The gasket on the sealing surface of the trap is damaged;

3. The gasket of the flange connection part is damaged or the flange sealing surface is scratched or the flange is not tightly connected.

The trap will run out of gas. We check all aspects of the trap to avoid running out of steam.

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Valve Information
Valve Information

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